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So we were welcoming the new students to the UCSB physics department last week. I believe that it has become a tradition to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen in the physics department. It is very yummy and it’s so cool. Moreover, it takes just a few minutes. Above is a movie on how not to do it. If you recall the pressure cooker explanation, I warned about the dangers of evaporating
fluids in a closed container and the ensuing pressure buildup. In this recipe, the heat is provided by the ice cream ingredients, and the nitrogen is the liquid that you are boiling. In the movie you get a graphic explosion due to excessive evaporation of nitrogen and it is so very funny. For the future, if you ever try this recipe, remember to do it in an open container! You should also learn to use wooden spoons and do it by hand. It is much more fun than a blender and it makes much less of a mess.

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