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Right now I’m in the midst of a program I helped to organize (and I’m still organizing) at the KITP. The program deals with the question of how to use numerical methods from lattice and gravity to make inroads into interesting (usually very hard) questions about quantum field theory (and quantum gravity) and the dynamics of the strong interactions at finite temperature (like in the heavy ion collisions).


We’ve had a lot of great talks about a wide variety of topics. Personally, I really liked the talk by Phillipe DeForcrand on the sign problem. The main reason I like it is because he had really simple examples that illustrate what the sign problem is all about. You can find it here.

And if you want to see what we’ve been hearing about, you can go here and see the full list of talks so far.

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The biological imperative

What keeps me up at night

Just so you know, I also have felt the biological urge to reproduce. What you see above is myself holding the newest addition to my family. It’s a boy!

In the language of physics this is definitely a phase transition in my lifestyle.  And in spite of the warnings about how much work raising children is supposed to be, it is still more than what I imagined. Nevertheless, my wife and I are very happy. We are also very tired at the moment.


Finally, this new human explains some of the silence on this blog at the end of last year and more recently. Once sleep resumes I think I will be back to writing posts more often. I also hope to get some research done in the near future, but everything is taking 3-4 times as long than what it used to.




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