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My Canadian tour

Ask any academic and they will tell you all about the joy that is the grant proposal. In fact, I expect you may find it hard to stop them…There are so many research grants out there, and since success rates are low and terms are short, part of your job is to become an expert on those grant proposals. There are some grants that want you to be bold, and some that want you to blur the boundaries. Some grants require you to go all-American, then others are best used to employ Russian citizens of average height. Then there are those grants that prefer you conduct interesting interdisciplinary international inter-institutional research, leaving you scratching your head. Life is so much more interesting with the grant proposal, it’s almost as good as American politics.

You may expect that in Canada, a place where around any election time you’d find relatively competent politicians arguing endlessly about the same old boring “issues”, with not a word uttered about their wardrobes (or family dramas, or bizarre rituals), even the joyful process of the grant proposal is somehow made dull. You’d be correct, of course.


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