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Well, sometimes I get five minutes off to goof around and I find silly facts, which as far as I can tell serve little to no purpose. Hence the name factoid is sometimes applied to them. The random novelty of the day is that the number


is prime. Moreover, it is a factor of 1010101010101010101010101010101010101. The only other prime factor is almost as pretty.


Beware  of 909090909090909090909090909091 which surprise, surprise, it  also happens to be prime. And so seems to be


If someone knows anything more about these primes, please let it be known. I found them by accident, but they seem to have been discovered before my time, so I can not name them after myself, nor get a patent for them.



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This is a short announcement that the West Coast LHC meeting is going to be taking place in Santa Barbara, on April 15th 2011. Here is our website:

WCLHC meeting 2011.

As you can imagine we have been busy at UCSB putting this together.


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