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Most graduate students out there can at times feel a lot pressure to perform. Heck, that is not just graduate students. Pressure at work seems to be one of those things that most people can relate to and feel all the time. It gives rise to a lot of stress. I don’t have any good recipe for combating stress that is guaranteed, but cooking sometimes helps. Seeing as what I just wrote is not too funny, maybe I should get to the point and talk about Pressure cookers and as a bonus you get a cooking recipe (no peeking). When in doubt, pick a gadget and explain it, yes sireee. Besides, the explanations that I found on the internet about how pressure cookers work teeter on the edge of crackpottery. Not all are bad, but most don’t really say anything other than water boils at higher temperature at higher pressure which is correct, but unsatisfying. It’s like saying it just works that way.

My 3d rendition of a pressure cooker

My 3d rendition of a pressure cooker


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