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Not exactly physics

Professional banter is as old as professions. This is a dramatization of my idle chatter on Saturday, when I bumped into someone that does condensed matter physics for a living. Bear in mind that this was a fun conversation and we were laughing all around.

Other person: I heard you do physics.

Me: yes.

Other person: What kind of physics?

Me: I work on high energy theory, more precisely string theory and such.

Other person: Ha ha. That’s not considered to be `physics’ in my community.

Me: I’m also interested in quantum computing …

Other person: There is still hope for you.

Well, seeing how many times I’ve heard the phrase “that’s not physics” uttered in different contexts when talking about different sub-communities of physicists as relating to each other I can happily say that I don’t do physics, evenĀ  though I do.

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