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Reading for today

While I’m busy typing my next super duper really important paper, I’ll give you a few things to read, do and make you think…. or most probably not.

  1. Opinion piece in the New York Times, Science is in the details.
  2. Be scared, be very scared. Computers might become intelligent and used for nefarious purposes. Hey, didn’t I read that in a book or see that at the movies already? I know I’ve seen that somewhere. Maybe someone can remind me.
  3. About the future: see the moon at the movies and tell me if it’s worth seeing.
  4. Witness the eternal wars between science and nature.
  5. If you are bored and need to spend some time doing something smart,  how about you try solving problem number 6 of the IMO without peeking. I found about it here, but I have not had time to even attempt to solve it. It sounds like fun.
  6. If you are bored and need to kill 5 minutes, try the following puzzle game. It will relieve some tension, plus you will get to laugh at the evil corporations.

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