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Santa Barbara Fire

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, if you live in the Santa Barbara area you might have noticed the Jesusita fire. Many people I know have already been evacuated from their houses, and the view of the fire from my house last night was rather impressive. I was hiking in the affected areas just two weekends ago. When I was there, the grasses were tall and the brush was rather dry. With the very high winds and hot temperatures of the last two days, it is not surprising that the fire has been out of control. It is rather frightening how bad it is instead.

While I was surfing for information about it today I ended up in some Blog agregator site that sent me straight to a ‘you have a virus mock up scan’.

In the interest of depriving some of the traffic for those sites, I thought I would connect you to the official site for information:

The Santa Barbara city safety website

Another very useful place to collect information is the Santa Barbara Independent.

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