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This is an important and interesting issue, which perhaps does not get enough love, so I was happy to see this discussion of chiral gauge theories on the lattice. There will be a followup tomorrow (update: here it is), I’d be also happy to hear about lattice supersymmetry, something I was pretty interested in a while back.

Update: For a not so recent reference on the subject, look at Martin Luscher’s lectures. More recent references, if some readers can think of any, would be appreciated.

Another update:  There will be a guest post here on lattice supersymmetry in the near future, stay tuned.

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We now have a few working examples of a microscopic theory of quantum gravity, all come with specific boundary conditions (like any other equation in physics or mathematics), but otherwise full background independence. In particular, all those theories include quantum black holes, and we can ask all kinds of puzzling questions about those fascinating objects. Starting with, what is exactly a black hole?


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