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Writers block

As it is not surprising, even in the medium of a blog one can get writers block. Even though I can comfortably believe that I will be forgiven for any silly thought or misspelled word, I still find myself unable at the moment to find a topic or post that I would be willing to spend some time on writing.

I have plenty of topics that I plan to cover, but I just can seem to find myself in the mood to write anything remotely interesting. The worst part of it all, is that it seems that this is the 100th post of the blog. So, it should have been special. Oh well, what can I do?


Of course, I can deflect by sending you around the web. 


Bee has some interesting thoughts on science journalism.

Terrence Tao is compiling a Latex for WordPress bug collection.

Peter Coles talks about the ecliptic anomalies in the WMAP and he has quite a few pretty pictures to go along with it.

Gordon Watts seems to have the next generation of CV technology in his hands.

Apart from those, we were celebrating Stanley Mandelstam’s birthday at the KITP here on Friday. I could not attend all the talks because I had to teach class, but it was really nice to see how relevant Stanley’s legacy is, even today. From the talks I could attend to, I found the talk by Joe Polchinski to be truly amazing. It was really a pleasure to see it live and I found it to be very inspirational. It is one of the few online talks that I would really recommend for people in the business of string theory and related areas to hear and see.

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