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Fundamental physics has a strong appeal to the imagination. There ought to be some underlying structure to our theories of physics, something beautiful and intuitive that explains the parameters of the standard model, unifies gravity and quantum mechanics, explains puzzles like the black hole information paradox, and probably has a few bonus surprises in store for us. This is probably one of the main reasons many people with strong expertise in diverse disciplines take an active interest, read blogs and popular books on the subject, and sometime try to lend a hand and help.

It is natural for a person with an intimate knowledge of some theoretical structure to try to apply it to the main few questions of fundamental physics. Could this fundamental theory involve spin chains, Turing machines, cellular automata, or your favorite (sort of) Lie super algebra? This looks much more likely if you devoted your career to studying the intricacies of these structures. There is of course nothing wrong with that, nobody has any idea what the fundamental theory of our universe looks like, the issues are difficult and we can use all the help we can get. To facilitate such help I’ll offer some unsolicited advice: Nature is relativistic, and this fact is crucially important!


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New header for the shore!

Ok, not quite a new header, but one that is straighter for sure. Recently I received an e-mail from a  reader complaining that the picture was tilted, and she offered me a fixed picture edit. This was very generous and I am quite eager to perform that very reasonable request.  Since I had the original photo, I thought it would be best if I cut it from the original itself as now I have much better software for dealing with that. I hope this makes our reader happy.


For those of you who like the old tilted photo better, here you can remember it.



Farewell to the tilted seashore.

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