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Scientific Blog Limericks

As I was walking near the sea shores

Thinking about all my chores

I met some girls who where pretty to see

And as I talked about the Dirac sea

It turned out they where whores.


Your homework for the week is to come up with an original Limerick using the title of your favorite science blog as a building block. The one above is an example.

For your information, it turns out that Isaac Asimov, apart from being one of the great writer of science fiction, was quite the writer of Limericks. Some of them were very, very naughty. I’m in the mood to celebrate the English language being mangled and taken to ridiculously new heights of fun by holding a limerick contest. The rules are as spelled above: you have to use a science blog name as a base (and you should probably tell us which one it is). I wrote mine above using the title of this blog as a base (that you are allowed to choose again if you want to). Mine is not that good, but it gets the creative juices flowing.

Rhyming is a good exercise to help you think quick on your feet. It can also be a lot of fun in good company. 

The winner (selected by me) will get at least a mention in the blog and if I find the Limerick irresistibly funny, the winner might even get some material prize to be determined later.


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