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This has not been my week….

In this blog we occasionally show our humanity and climb down from our theoretical speculations to talk about some aspects of our lives. Here is a sample.

Yesterday I was late for one appointment (I plain forgot) and arrived very late in the end after bumping into someone who reminded me “where I should have been over a half hour ago”. It was fixed, but I felt very embarrassed. In the mess I also misplaced my lunch box, and although it was eventually found, I ended up wasting a lot of time tracking it down. Because of it, I missed the lunch train.

Today, I left part of my lecture notes for my class behind at home, so I had to work a lot on making sure I had those details straight. I had also forgotten to reply to various e-mails that were somewhat urgent so I was feeling rather embarrassed again. I got caught in all this mess and it did not seem to get any better by the end of the day. I’m sure I forgot some other things that have not shown up on my radar yet, but they will be very important and I will feel rather foolish (yet again). I’m counting on statistics for this one as there is always one such item pending… As a matter of fact, I just figured out such an item. Ouch!

The usual pastime of blaming it all on somebody else hasn’t worked as all the arrows point directly toward me.

On the bright side of life, it finally rained here and my banana tree seems to have decided to start making bananas. Of course, neither of these two is any of my doing, but I have to be grateful for the few bones that the universe is throwing in my direction. Finally, the monarch butterflies are in town overwintering and when I saw them this past weekend they were spectacular.
If you are in town, I recommend that you go tae a look before they migrate north (sometime in late February, early March).

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