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Back in 2001, in a truly beautiful paper, Juan Maldacena formulated a version of Hawking’s information paradox, which has the added advantage that it could be discussed and analyzed in the context of a complete background independent theory of quantum gravity, namely that of the AdS/CFT correspondence.

This variant is similar to the original paradox, formulated for black holes surrounded by flat space, in that it displays a sharp conflict between properties of black holes in classical General Relativity, and basic postulates of quantum mechanics. Alas, it is also different in many crucial ways from the original paradox. Despite that, Juan’s proposed resolution to his paradox seems to have led to Hawking’s arguments, who managed to convince himself (though I think it is fair to say not too many others, unless they were already convinced) that information is not lost after all in the process of black hole formation and evaporation.


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