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I have been a bit tied up with the beginning of classes here at UCSB, which began this week. I will be/am teaching a course on Advanced Quantum Field Theory where we will describe the Standard Model of Particle Physics to various degrees of precision and we will study various observables for collider collisions. I will post my lecture notes online as I move along the course, and they might be useful to a larger community, but they are not anywhere near ready for a formal publication and they will be removed from the website at the end of the year. As usual, there are no guarantees to the reliability of the formulae (especially minus signs, factors of 2 and factors of pi), but hopefully some people might find it useful and some of you might even point to typos in the notes (I would appreciate that kind of feedback).

Secondly, a new program on the fundamentals of string theory started this week at the KITP. This week has been very intense (many talks) and I have been busy with various other things that have prevented me from attending most of the talks so far.

Finally, we have a faculty search (on)going in particle physics phenomenology. This was just posted to SPIRES and the particle rumor mill. The deadline is somewhat short due to how the academic schedule works for these. The position only became available again very late last year. If you know of someone who would be a good match for our search, please encourage them to apply.

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