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The year in review.

This is probably the last post of the year, here at the Shores of the Dirac sea. So here is what happened.

We’ve been up and running for four months. This is the 74th post so far (not too bad for a start). Now that the initial hoopla is gone, we are at about 380\pm 100 views per day. I’m not sure if that is good or bad. The busiest day so far was the day when there was worldwide panic that the end of the world was due: the turning on the LHC was all the rage and since the world did not end, that was that.

The most visited post was “Emergent gravity“, showing that there is a lot of interest in areas of physics where we don’t yet know the rules. This was closely followed by the much lighter “The value of a spherical cow“, where controversy was nowhere to be seen.

But what do these numbers mean however? For the time being, that we are here to stay for a while longer 😀 .

Happy new year everyone. May the new year be fulfilling and full of joy.

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