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I’ve always wondered if this blog medium might be useful for doing research. The natural place for academic physics research usually goes by publishing papers and waiting for a response in the form of other papers. This model works extremely well, until one finds oneself publishing something extremely speculative, in which case it does not usually live up to its expectations: usually there is no feedback, or even worse, only negative feedback in a referee report.

Sometimes I have a half-baked idea with few chances of it ever seeing the light of day and I would anyhow like some kind of input on the idea from a more general audience. Blogging about it is not as crazy as it sounds. So long as enough warning signs are put at the beginning of a post, it should be possible to have a serious discussion about interesting stuff. 

Of course, there is also the signal to noise factor (number of comments that are useful/ number of total comments), which tends to be small. But compared to zero or negative feedback, that might not be as bad.

Rather than philosophize about it too much, I thought I would ask your opinion instead, and perhaps in the future I will have a post on some of these half-baked (almost crazy) ideas of mine.

I’m waiting for your opinions.


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