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Next time, bring two books.

Flying in long flights is the way I usually catch up with movies I have not seen. I’m many times too tired to work, and not tired enough to sleep. If all goes well I get to see one reasonable movie and I’m happy. I usually also bring something to read and that is the best way to spend a long flight. However, as I was traveling back from China, I had ran out of books and couldn’t get anything remotely interesting at the airport (most of the books I could find I was not able to read), so instead I got to see three bad movies. 

It’s not the first time that  I have seen bad movies. However, there are some really irritating aspects of movies that seem to modify some essential part of Newtonian dynamics to get their work going. This is fine sometimes and usually I don’t care, seriously, I really don’t. But this time it was just too preposterous and not just in one movie. Loud explosions in the vacuum of space is one, but not that bad. The telltale sign that it is too preposterous is that I start groaning loudly when the physics is really wrong. If you are next to me on the airplane you might hear me muttering under my breath. This makes me very glad to the SEEx initiative, although I’m really not going to keep my hopes up that the entertainment industry will get the physics right.

Ok, so what were the bad movies and why did I groan?


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