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Good luck!

Tomorrow we will (hopefully) know who is the new president of the United States (though the current one will still have a couple of months left to inflict further damage). It is a sad statement that my opinion on this race is entirely predictable. Not that I think that Obama is the next Messiah, and I do have concerns about his level of experience. But, with the current system you just have to take whomever the Democratic party picks in its convoluted and arcane process (editorial note: in any attempt to write about US politics, one has to strain not to overuse such adjectives as arcane, antiquated, out of date, etc. etc.). It is pretty much guaranteed all other options would lead to unmitigated disaster(s).

I realize that as an ex-Israeli, ex-almost- American, and an almost-Canadian person,  I have no business being too interested in a political race in another country. Granted, my mortgage and pension will be affected by a US president with no experience or interest in economical issues. It is also plausible that an administration giving an overly enthusiastic and unconditioned “support” to a right wing Israeli government will delay peace there a few more years (with the usual bloody results in the interim period). As a scientist I’d like to see a friend of science in the white house, or at least someone who has some familiarity with the concept.  Also,  as much as I enjoy their presence, the best scholars from China or Iran (and many other places) should be able once again to freely travel to the US and interact with their colleagues from around the world.

So, maybe I do have some interest in the outcome of the process after all. It is also undeniable that US politics is immensely more entertaining than any other, probably because the range of possibilities is endless. But ultimately, unfair as it is, there is really nothing I could do about it, I am not given the chance to influence the outcome. it’s almost as frustrating as living in New York or California or Texas, or pretty much anywhere outside Ohio. Did I already use “antiquated”?

Seems like the only thing I could do is take this opportunity to say to my American friends and readers (hopefully a couple in Ohio)- good luck, choose wisely, and I will have my fingers crossed!

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